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** NEWS FLASH #1: Now available: Form 14 Assistant Mobile for Android and Apple iPad/iPhone! **

** NEWS FLASH #2: Special price on the Mobile Version! Click Here for info. **

** Please update your Windows version. The latest update is April 2014. **

Expert Assistant Legal Software presents our acclaimed Windows child support calculation software, The Child Support Assistant for Windows, incorporating The Form 14 Assistant for Missouri, and The Kansas Support Assistant for Kansas. And now, we also bring you (drum roll, please) our brand new software: The Form 14 Assistant Mobile! Yes, now Missouri practitioners can have the full power of The Form 14 Assistant on their iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, or Android phone. Take a look at Tour the Program: Mobile for more information and screenshots.

The Form 14 Assistant for Windows is already relied on by over 400 attorneys and judges across Missouri for fast, accurate child support calculations. Now, we've added Kansas child support calculation to our Windows version to create our new multi-state software, The Child Support Assistant for Windows. Whether you practice in Missouri, Kansas, or both, if you want more out of your child support calculation software than you're getting now, you need The Child Support Assistant for Windows.  (Licenses for each state are sold separately.)  And with the new Form 14 Assistant Mobile, you can use virtually any Apple or Android device to bring the power of The Form 14 Assistant with you wherever you go! (Mobile version is licensed separately from the Windows version.)

New 2014 Version AVAILABLE!     The Form 14 Assistant for Windows incorporates the new and latest 2014 Form 14.  If you are a current Form 14 Assistant for Windows user, updates are included with your license, so download the newest version today by clicking here. If you are not a licensed user, download anyway for a free trial!


With The Form 14 Assistant, you'll:

  • Use the new 2014 Form 14.
  • Work with multiple Forms 14s at once, each in its own window.
  • Duplicate the current Form 14 into a new window with one click or tap.
  • See your Form 14 from the perspective of either party receiving custody.
  • Create split custody arrangements with just a few clicks or taps.
  • Read line-by-line directions straight from the Rules as you edit your Form 14.
  • Get an instant Available Funds Analysis showing how much money each party will have (Windows only).
  • Quickly create support/maintenance interest arrearage affidavits (Windows only).
  • Print a perfect Form 14, ready to file with the Court.
  • And more!

Click the links on the left-hand side of this window to find out more.  Click "Software Catalog" to license The Form 14 Assistant.


IMPORTANT NOTES FOR EXISTING USERS:   If your license is expiring, you can order new license(s) at a discount by purchasing "Renewal/Upgrade" licenses from our catalog.  Purchase one "Single User Renewal/Upgrade" license, plus as many "Additional User Renewal/Upgrade" licenses as you need. You can also add the Mobile version at a special price!

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